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theorizing the collection 4

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Richard Cox at Pittsburgh is also on my short list of leading collections theorists, as his interests span the entire so-called “record continuum” (and beyond). He blogs with enormous energy and enthusiasm at Reading Archives, which I find extraordinary for a tenured professor in LIS. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for us as his readers as well. (Of particular interest is his August 14 post on “The Strange World of Collecting” and the second comment to the post itself….)

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Thinking about collections 11

July 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Noted archival theorist Richard Cox at Pittsburgh wrote Ethics, Accountability, and Recordkeeping in a Dangerous World in 2006. Chapter 5 is “The world is a dangerous place: recordkeeping in the age of terror.” It’s an excellent book, and makes one think quite a bit harder about the “dark side” in collections, such as this one.

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Archive fever

Two current stories, one about Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive and the other about the National Archives and Records Administration. Now, which of these two organizations inspires you with more confidence that the digital information in their custody will actually be preserved, protected, and made available to the public?

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Evidentiary values

February 24, 2008 Leave a comment

I had been aware of this exhibit before I left upstate New York, as the grounds of the former Willard Psychiatric Institute aren’t too far north of Ithaca, and I used to drive past them occasionally. As I continue to think about the so-called records continuum, however, this “baggage” seems to weigh increasingly heavily on me in accounting for organizational documentation, both economic and evidentiary. Exemplary evidence: I suspect that it symbolizes a great deal in terms of the actual “human capital” “used” in the workings of any organizational recordkeeping system.

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