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Citing Magic 8-Balls

December 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Gleefully borrowed from the PMLA (Postmodern Language Association) “Citing Alternative Sources” page:

Magic 8-Balls

When citing Magic 8-Balls:

1. List the question asked the Magic 8-Ball (in quotes).
2. Identify the location where you consulted the Magic 8-Ball.
3. List the manufacturer of the Magic 8-ball (in italics).
4. List the date that you consulted the Magic 8-Ball.

Example: “Reply Hazy, Try Again Later.” [“Will I get tenured?” Oasis Tavern, 6907 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL: Tyco Toys, Inc., January 12, 1998.]

PMLA also offers guidelines on citing tattoos, space alien transmissions, and restroom graffiti, but I won’t be needing those.

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Considering colligation

March 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Interesting thoughts from Trevor Owens on what he terms the growing trend toward “radical transparency of sources in historical writing”. Yes, and if this “network activation” in historical writing becomes the norm, what might that also portend for practices of colligation? (Let alone for those of us looking to advance citation analytic practice!)

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The citation (in)Citers

February 10, 2008 1 comment

I’m sorry I missed this conference here in Tulsa, which was held over a decade ago (long before I had any idea that I’d end up here!) Ironically, I was led to this link largely due to a somewhat sympathetic mention by the University of Oklahoma’s “academic integrity” officer (during a presentation about TurnItIn at our recent faculty meeting) of Rebecca Moore Howard of Syracuse, as someone whose work resists the TurnItIn “ethos.” And, even though I was at Syracuse back then, I didn’t know her work, either (or that of the other “InCiters” — though I see that I do know at least some of the work that they cite.) Interesting look at what we might call “the citation underclass,” and I have to admit that I’m deeply sympathetic to it. One thing that strikes me is that this “undercurrent” of citation behavior is also markedly “under-researched.” (Even Blaise Cronin, who seems to pioneer everything citation-related, hasn’t touched on this, at least to my admittedly limited knowledge). So now it behooves me to cite the (In)Citers if I ever do anything more with citation systems as theories of anything….

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Mapping Research Specialties

November 22, 2007 Leave a comment

I am delighted to say that ARIST volume 42 with the chapter on “Mapping Research Specialties” that I co-authored with Steve Morris has now been published. ARIST book cover

Here’s a link to Steve Morris’s home page with his other papers and patents. (Steve, if there’s ever a webfestschrift in your honor, I’m planning to tell our inside story of the very first cartoon ever published in ARIST. Never let it be said that bibliometricians lack a sense of humor!)

An abstract of the chapter follows. Read more…

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Zipf’s Law

November 16, 2007 2 comments

ordinal numbers

has uses far beyond bibliometrics, according to this new paper by Richard J. C. Brown in The Analyst (2007, 132, 344 – 349):

The use of Zipf’s law in the screening of analytical data: a step beyond Benford.
Read more…

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Derek de Solla Price and Wikipedia

I met Derek de Solla Price when I was a very junior editorial assistant at MIT’s Center for Advanced Engineering Study back in 1978 when Myron Tribus was director. Read more…

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